Location de maison, commune de Creysse - House for rent, Creysse

The many advantages of Creysse and area

The region offers a privileged setting for many leisure activities to leave behind the modern world, rediscover tranquility and find well-being.

Gastronomic delights

Walnut, truffles, foies gras (a number of farms specialized in the manufacture of foies gras and geese and duck products, with on-site tastings), melons, mushrooms, goat cheese known as "Rocamadour", all to be accompanied by a glass of CAHORS wine, obviously followed by the famous Vieille Prune of the Louis Roques distillery (cellar and museum to be visited in Souillac).


• swimming: in fresh and invigorating water, far from the tumult of overcrowded beaches: "as in days past when one could bath and find a perfect spot on the riverside" (attached hereto, a page from "Le Monde" dated 16 August 2003 on Creysse and entitled "False Airs of Tuscany One Afternoon in Creysse, in the Quercy region") and search for pebbles to skip on the water.

• fishing in the small Cacrey stream and the Dordogne River.

• canoe - kayak: discover the Dordogne River valley, one of the most marked by the history of mankind, at the foot of cliffs, castles and towns classified among the most picturesque in France (Laroque-Gageac, Domme etc…)

• many distinct hikes: master the art of hiking with the promise of discoveries and simple and varied emotions; you may consult and download a selection of the most beautiful circuits under the "BOUGEZ" section at the following address (www.tourisme-lot.com)

An opportunity to discover the sensitive natural areas of the Lot region (programs proposed by the General Council of the Lot Department): "Rocks and Nature" with free animations such as the discovery of birds, wildlife and flora of the Alzou valley, dragonflies and wildlife of the Alzou valley, initiation to the building of walls with dry rocks etc…

Other activities

• golf: 18 holes in Souillac in an exceptional setting
(www.souillaccountryclub.com) in Souillac, Mas del Teil Golf Club.

• Paragliding (visit www.parapente-valley.com).

• Acrobatic park in the hills, Route de Souillac in Sarlat (www.indianforestperigord.com).

• Hot air balloons: another way to view the various landscapes and major tourist sites of the region. - MontgolfiПres du PОrigord: open all the year (www.montgolfierre-du-perigord.com).
- The Montgolfiades: European gathering of hot air balloons on the last weekend of September in Rocamadour: Information:

• Bicycle rides throughout the many roads of the region.

• Water sports (rowing, canoe, windsurfing…) on the Causse Lake in Lissac sur Couze (Correze) 30 km away, 100 hectares of water renowned for its rowing competitions and the organization of the 2009 Junior World Championship.

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