Location de maison, commune de Creysse - House for rent, Creysse

Reservation conditions

To rent the house in Peyrazet, please present a multi-risk residential insurance certificate covering residential risks for the rental of non-residence premises (vacation guarantee).


• Down Payment: For reservations 2 months before the rental date, a down payment of 25% of the price of the rental will be required, with payment of the balance on arrival. For reservations less than 2 months before the rental date, the entirety of the rental amount will be requested.

• The maximum number of people on site, as indicated in the proposed conditions (unless agreed to in writing beforehand by the owner), must be strictly complied with and is subject to exclusion.

• Inventory: A verification of the premises and an inventory will be established upon arrival and departure.

• Guarantee: A deposit in the amount of _1,000 will be required upon arrival and will be returned after deducting the cost to return the premises to their original state in the case of damage, in which case the amount will be adjusted at a later time.

• Stay Termination: should the tenant terminate the stay early for reasons for which the owner is not responsible, no reimbursement will be effected except the down payment, pursuant to the conditions above.

• Cancellation Conditions: All cancellations must be notified by registered letter or e-mail. The payment of the down payment signifies a final confirmation of the reservation; the party cancelling the rental shall indemnify the other party for all damages incurred.

• Beginning of the rental: generally, rentals start on Saturday between 4:00 pm and 8:00 pm

• End of rental: before 10:00 am

• The price includes:
- Limitless ADSL access. Please plan on a WiFi card for your computer
- Free telephone calls to more than 40 destinations + local and national calls
- Water
- Gas for the plancha
Bed for a child, security barrier, booster seat
- Blankets, pillows, kitchen towels, tablecloths, table napkins

• Options: Supplementary information related to the special conditions (contact us by e-mail or by telephone 33 (0)5 65 32 25 16, or cell phone 33 (0) 6 86 07 34 63).
The additional cost will be paid on site before departure for:
- firewood for the wood space heater
- occasional expenses to fix the house
- rental of house linen:
sheets, pillow covers, towels
- cleaning during or at the end of stay

• Animals are prohibited.

• To respect the well-being of future tenants, the house is a non-smoking area.


• With the exception of credit cards, all forms of payment are accepted.
For foreign tenants, payment must imperatively be effected by bank transfer and the reservation shall be considered effective upon receipt (shared costs).

• bank information for payment is as follows:




Bank Code: 17807
Wicket Code: 00828
Account Number: 57621075297
Identification (Clé RIB: 29

IBAN: FR76 1780 7008 2857 6210 7529 729 Address SWIFT (BIC): CCBPFRPPTLS

You may also download the RIB (bank information) below.
RIB_Saurie_694275.jpg RIB_Saurie.jpg  (32.81 Ko)

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