Location de maison, commune de Creysse - House for rent, Creysse


A Quercy-style house located in the middle of oak and boxtrees on 2 hectares of open land in the township of Peyrazet, in a small discreet medieval village called Creysse, situated on the borders of Dordogne or "Hope River" and its contrasted landscapes allying limestone plateaus and valleys.


• Capacity

6 persons plus 1 or 2 children (on request).

• Living area

128 m_, 3 rooms (see "Visit of the House").

• Available all year round

Unit Heater
Unit Heater
Heating by unit heater, system to heat during the cold season and providing cool air during the hot season; solar water heater; "Godin" fireplace (comfort and simulation of a wood fire).

• Full comfort

The bathroom complies with the latest standards. Fully equipped kitchen. Television. Internet - WiFi.

Dimanche 5 Août 2007
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